Fon der Pahlen family

Dikļi manor is an old property of the family of fon der Pahlens. The oldest facts date back to the beginning of the 15th century, when the owner of the manor was Gotshalk fon der Pahlen.

Later the manor was feudal land of diocese and was leased to Tomass Reze who sold it to Heinrick Veipte. Then it still was called Pahle manor. In 1456 Veipte sold it to Detlef fon der Pahlen for 5200 old Riga marks together with Idelbene, Kalnene and Sedlene villages that was 30 acres in all. After the death of Detlef fon der Pahlen, the manor was inherited by his son Georg.

Facts show that in 1631 Dikļi manor was owned by Georg’s descendant Jacob fon der Pahlen. On July 7, 1631 Swedish king Gustav Adolf gave him also Viku village as a gift. This village was called Vecmuiža, and since 1517 it was owned by Reinhold fon der Pahlen, when Riga archbishop Kaspars gave it to him. Reinhold’s descendants Georg and Fabian sold the property to their brother-in-law Reinhold Gothauzen, whose name in 1920-ies and 30-ies was still retained by the Grotuži house in the Dikļi village.