Cream soup with sea scallop and parsnip, smoked shrimps, dill mayonnaise  10.50 EUR
Pureed soup with sauerkraut, goose meat confit, Gorgonzola cheese  7.50 EUR
Venison consommé, kidney beans, pearl barley, boiled pork shank 8.00 EUR
Tartar of ox, red onion jam, salted vegetables, pomegranate juice sauce, sheep cheese  15.00 EUR
Limb liver, dried porcini cream, elk cervelat sausage, coal fried anchovy bread, cumin and lemon butter sauce  14.00 EUR
Grilled trout fillet, black garlic butter, baked garlic cream, cod liver ravioli  17.00 EUR
Slow cooked lamprey in beef clear bouillon, smoked beef tongue, black bean paste, mustard and honey sauce, smoked goose fat 13.00 EUR
Stewed elk meat in smoked meat product bouillon, ripened beans, selection of root crops  17.00 EUR
Ox loin carbonade, ox terrine blood pearl barley, artichoke cream, sauce of bay leaves and apple cider 20.00 EUR
Pike perch fillet, barley, Parmesan cheese, leek, broccoli cream, artichoke-butter sauce  18.50 EUR
Local farm pork belly, chestnut creams, baked apple puree, hemp-garlic butter, sauce of shallot and saffron  17.50 EUR
Selection of ice-cream and sorbets cooked in Dikli Palace  6.00 EUR
Bee-bread honey cake, apple jelly, caramelised dogberries, sauce of chokeberries and marigold seeds  6.50 EUR
Chestnut toffee, acorn coffee ice-cream, crushed meringue, sauce of beet juice and resin  8.00 EUR


Working hours:
12:00 – 23:00

Dress code: smart casual.

Restaurant works on previous bookings. For reservation please call: +371 26515445 or send an email to

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