Cold green yoghurt soup, goat cheese, garlic and chive oil 7.00 EUR
Chicken and vegetable oatmeal soup, countryside cream 5.00 EUR
Sander fillet in hemp-beer sauce, chilli-tomato jam, saffron mayonnaise 15.00 EUR
Rye flour pastry base, smoked pork breast, caramelized onions, goat cheese, cumin mayonnaise 12.00 EUR
Lamb liver julienne, fried quail eggs, forest mushrooms 6.00 EUR
Roebuck tartare, summer garden roots, rhubarb balsamico, sheep cheese 15.00 EUR
Sprat tartare, honeybread, quail egg, pickled vegetables, sour cream 7.00 EUR
Buffalo mozzarella, eggplant reserved in olive oil, sun-dried tomato ice-cream, strawberry balsamico 10.00 EUR
Rye bread toast snacks, hemp bread toast snacks, smoked cream cheese, greens, basil pesto 8.00 EUR
Roebuck steak, black salsify in dough, horseradish and golden beet cream, salvia in broth sauce 25.00 EUR
Beef steak, black salsify in dough, horseradish and golden beet cream, salvia in broth sauce 23.00 EUR
Mackerel fillet reserved in herb olive oil, cauliflower puree, new potatoes, yellow tomato jam, tarragon butter sauce 16.00 EUR
Pearl chicken breast, baby carrot puree, sweet pea cream, caramelized fennel, red currant sauce 17.00 EUR
Sander fillet, butter-caramelized summer vegetables, lobster tail and dill sauce 18.00 EUR
A selection of Dikli Palace ice-creams and sorbets 6.00 EUR
Peppermint yoghurt, wild strawberry parfait, hazelnut caramel, black currant sauce 8.00 EUR
Dikli Palace classic gateau “Cielavina” 7.00 EUR
Cumin cream, malt ice-cream, strawberry sauce, chamomile jelly 5.00 EUR
Rabbit skewer reserved in salvia leaves 14.00 EUR
Turkey skewer reserved in orange juice and turmeric marinade 12.00 EUR
Roebuck skewer reserved in red wine and herb marinade 25.00 EUR
Frosted lamb kebab 12.00 EUR
Beef burger, vegetable crisps, remoulade sauce 12.50 EUR


Working hours:

From Monday to Sunday from 12:00 – 23:00

Dress code: smart casual.

Bon appetit!