Manor buildings and park

The present-day Dikļi Palace was built in 1896, when baron P. Volf owned the manor. Modern neo-baroque building was constructed with mansard roof for the central part, side parts and decorating facades in an elegant and plastic manner.

The barn is the second most significant part of Dikļi manor ensemble. It is older than the palace and built in the end of the XVIII century following classicism forms and with majestic portico, which was not typical to barns in Vidzeme at that time. The park covering area is in a beautiful harmony with the manor buildings. To the south there is a pond said to have had oak-wood flooring. There is Wood park behind the pond, made in the steep banks of Mazbriede river (called also Pale, in the name of the Pahle family, and Dikļi river before).

Dikļi manor house is one of few manor houses in Vidzeme that has retained original interior features despite the experienced exploitation manners that were substantially different from the initially planned. Dikļi palace has original hall with fireplace made by firm „Zelm & Boehm”, several tile stoves, central stairs, parquet, wall panels a.o. elements. Dikļi Palace was approved as architectural monument of national significance in 1998.

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