Arranging conferences in Dikļi Palace will be an unforgettable event. The four halls and saloons of various sizes are perfect for business and creative events. The staff of Dikļi Palace will take care of all the necessary arrangements for a conference, seminar, or team-building event – delicious and hearty meals, technical equipment, and creative support. Dikļi Palace is the right place for small group discussions and large conferences of up to 200 participants. In the tranquillity of the aristocratic manor, surrounded by the antique interior, and in the vicinity of nature, you can do so much more than in the city’s bustling environment.

In 2017, we chose Dikļi Palace for our Leadership Seminar because the location and atmosphere of the event is important to us.  During the seminar, full support was provided in all organizational and technical issues, we enjoyed the delicious meals prepared by the palace's chef, and our employees were accommodated in tastefully furnished rooms. The successful outcome of the seminar, and the positive feedback from our employees, will encourage us to continue to arrange such outings.

ABLV Bank Board Member Romans Surnačovs

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Arranging conferences halls

The North hall

The Northern Hall is located on the first floor of the palace’s left wing. Wood dominates the finish of this hall – the ceiling and wall panels have been preserved since 1896, while being renovated in 2003. The hall is decorated with a tile stove in moss green and a Zelm & Boehm fireplace in light brown tints from their 1906 catalogue.

Area: 70 m2

Capacity: U-type – up to 25 guests; class type – up to 37 guests; theater – up to 50 guests.

Cigar hall

The Cigar hall is located in the right wing on the first floor of the Palace. The hall retains its original wooden panels and ceiling decoration. This is the only room in the Palace which retains its original parquet floor.Following restoration, this small room will be home to a beautiful tiled stove from the Zelm & Boehm 1906 company catalogue.

Area: 58 m2

Capacity: – Long table – up to 14 guests.

Main hall

The largest palace hall is also stylistically different from the other rooms. Both the walls and the ceiling are decorated in light colours, the wall being adorned with a painted ceramic strip. The eclectic fireplace in the hall retains the original crown molding, while the remainder has been restored based on historic photographs. This hall’s ceiling is decorated with antique chain hanging crown chandeliers.

Area: 117 m2

Capacity:Round tables and a cruise table – up to 84 guests; U-type – up to 8o guests; E-Type – up to 105 guests; Quadrant table – up to 32 guests.

Barn house hall

Dikli manor Barn has revived hosting a spacious hall for seminars and conferences, different parties, exhibitions and concerts, a kitchen with advanced equipment for cooking banquet and other festive meals, and with 13 cosy guest rooms in the attic.

Area: 179,5 m2

Capacity: Round tables and a bowl table – up to 144 guests; U-type – up to 110 guests; E-type – up to 145 guests.

For all questions related to the organization of conferences, please ask in the contact section!

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