Garden queen black currant – generously pamper us both in summer and winter. One of the highest values ​​of black currant is its high vitamin C content.

Blackcurrants richly contain antioxidants – vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help protect the body from free radical formation. Blackcurrants contain not only vitamin C, but also B1, P, carotene, iron, trace elements and many other valuable substances, thus stimulating the immune system and improving blood circulation, anemia. Components found in black currants also have a beneficial effect on nerve cells, inhibiting the aging process.

In addition, black currants are also a valuable raw material for body and face aesthetic care. The high vitamin C content of the berries provides the skin with peeling of fruit acids in a natural way, deeply cleansing the skin – making it soft and silky. The mask cleanses, stimulates and whiten the skin. A black face and honey mask for mature skin that prevents skin aging. Particularly blackcurrant mask is recommended for dry skin with pigments that will improve skin tone and smooth out tiny wrinkles.
Benefits- Smooth, restored, toned and radiant skin. Cheerful and clear mind, elated and free spirit.

SPA offer includes:
• Fresh, natural body peeling
• Bathhouse
• Body massage
• Body wrap-mask
• Facial cleansing, natural peeling and mask
• Enjoying a refreshing black currant tea
• Enjoying the SPA lounge before or after the procedure
• Delicious dinner for 50 EUR in Gourmet Restaurant
• Overnight stay in a double room
• Rich breakfast in Veranda’s palace at the expense of the host
• Visit of the new SPA lounge before or after the procedure.

Duration of procedure 2 h.

Price for 2 persons starting from 285.00 EUR


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