Immunity provided by nature for your health.
A fresh, aromatic and invigorating touch of peppermint that will soothe your skin and boost your mood. Natural peppermint peeling will improve blood circulation, vitalize and refresh the skin.
The peppermint essential oil contains menthol, which is why it is especially recommended for tired skin and the sun. It will heal small wounds, soothe and smooth the skin. Massage with peppermint oil will help with headaches, mental fatigue and improve concentration. Improves respiratory tract, normalizes blood pressure, relieves tired legs, removes edema.
A foot bath with milk and peppermint essential oil will give your feet the much-needed feeling of lightness, refreshes the feet and softens the skin of the feet.

• Sauna bath – for a more effective treatment,
• Peppermint-salt peeling for the whole body,
• Massage with refreshing peppermint oil,
• Face and head massage,
• Milk foot bath with peppermint essential oil,
• Aromatic, refreshing process of enjoying Dikļi meadow mint tea at the end of the procedure,
• Accommodation in a double room,
• Breakfast on the veranda of the castle at the owner’s expense,
• Unlimited visits to the SPA lounge before or after the procedure.

Treatment time 2 hours.

Price for 2 persons starting from 240.00 EUR


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