Manor meadow herbal SPA

Nature beauty and healing power perfection – herbs picked in the summer sunlit days at surrounding meadows of the Dikli Palace. Wildlife magical touch will restore the beauty of the body and energy. Lime blossom scent relieves and reduces fatigue, warm lime-tree sauna broom touches has a deep relaxing effect. Aromatic White Bedstraw creates well – being and happiness, deeply moisturizes and tightens skin.

Healthy herbal tea will cheer you up and awake your internal energy.

Offer includes:

  • deeply relaxing massage with warm lime-tree sauna brooms;
  • wrapping into White Bedstraw flower mask;
  • soothing foot bath herbal concoction;
  • freshly-made herb tea to enjoy after the treatment;
  • accommodation in a double – occupancy palace room;
  • delicious breakfast in veranda at the owner’s expense,
  • Enjoyment of new SPA lounge before or after procedures.


Duration: 2 hours.

Price for 2 persons – starting form 255 EUR


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