Underwater massage is one of the oldest treatment methods.

General body massage in water, where a specialist with a water pressure jet acts on the human body using classical massage techniques. Since not only the water itself has pressure but also the jet pressure, this massage is much stronger than any hand massage and the client also gets the healing effect from the water itself.

Warm water and hydromassage promote muscle relaxation and pain relief, while water jet massage has a beneficial effect on:
• on the nervous system – relaxes, soothes or tones;
• cardiovascular system, because during massage improves blood supply to internal organs, muscles, skin;
• on joints, their functions, ligament apparatus, so it is widely used in the treatment of musculoskeletal, muscular, ligament sprains, osteochondrosis and trauma cases;
• metabolism, promoting the breakdown of subcutaneous fat;
• promotes tissue respiration and circulation;
• on a mental level – evokes positive emotions and a sense of peace. Calms and frees the mind to new ideas.

At the request of clients, underwater massage can be supplemented with aromatherapy by adding essential oil and bath salt to the water. This hydromassage helps to relieve muscle tension and activates blood circulation. At the same time, the fragrance contributes to overall well-being until complete relaxation.
The effect of underwater massage in the body is very versatile. From restoring the body to improving the quality of life in general.

Offer includes:
• Bubble massage for body relaxation,
• At the end of the procedure – enjoying aromatic meadow grass tea,
• Accommodation in a double room in the castle,
• Breakfast on the veranda of the castle at the owner’s expense,
• Unlimited visits to the SPA lounge before or after the procedure.

Duration of the procedure – 40 minutes.

Price for 2 persons starting from 225.00 EUR


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