SPA treatments



NEW! Underwater hydromassage
General body massage in water, where a specialist with a water pressure jet acts on the human body using classical massage techniques.

65 EUR – 40 min

Classical massage
Massage relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

60 EUR – 60 min
80 EUR – 90 min

Back massage                                                              
Back massage relieves tension, relieves muscle pain, soothes and relaxes.
45 EUR – 30 min
Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy massage helps against stress and insomnia, relieves tension, relaxes. 
60 EUR – 60min


80 EUR – 90 min

Clover honey massage
Massage especially suited for women, it stimulates the blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin, smooths the skin problem areas, improve lymph circulation, stimulates internal organs and tissue nutrition.
65 EUR – 60 min
Body Massage with buckwheat Pindi
Buckwheat massage is the perfect way to restore skin firmness and regain muscle tone.
80 EUR – 90 min
Apple stem cell treatment 60 EUR – 60 min

Lifting face procedure
The procedure with special components provides an excellent lifting effect, restores skin elasticity, simulates facial oval, soothes and refreshes. Caring facial cleansing, gentle peeling, massage that relieves facial and neck muscles and prepares the skin for deeper mask effects, a plasticizing mask with spirulina, peppermint and gink extract. During the face mask, a relaxing head massage is performed.

65 EUR – 60 min
Cocoa and algae face treatment
The combination of cocoa and algae has regenerative properties. Richly moisturizes, deeply restores skin structure, strength of youth.
The sweet scent of cocoa soothes, improves mood. Skin gets a healthy, smooth skin tone. The treatment includes: facial cleansing, gentle peeling, facial, décolleté, shoulder massage, plasticizing mask, scratching. During the mask effect – a light head massage.
The procedure is recommended for dry and sensitive skin as well as for the affected skin.
65 EUR – 60 min
Rose hip treatment  50 EUR – 60 min
Healthy facial massage for her / his
Improves blood circulation, promotes self-regeneration, relaxes tense muscles. Nourishes, refreshes gray, tired facial skin. Deeply relaxes and brings joy to life. The treatment includes: a gentle facial scrub, an invigorating massage, a cream. It is also performed in decollete, shoulder areas, neck and head massage.
65 EUR – 60 min
Body peeling 30 EUR – 30 min
Waiting for the baby treatment 55 EUR – 60 min
Wrapping the body  30 EUR – 30 min
Wax candles spa treatment for hands 25 EUR – 60 min
Wax candles SPA procedure for legs 25 EUR – 60 min
Milk bath
It purifies and rejuvenates the skin, making it soft and silky.
15 EUR
Herbal bath
It provides the skin with valuable vitamins, removes toxins, improves well-being.
15 EUR

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